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    您當前位置:首頁>產品中心>AB變頻器>AB-PowerFlex 527 交流變頻器


    AB-PowerFlex 527 交流變頻器


    我們的 PowerFlex® 527 交流變頻器專門配合我們的 Logix 可編程自動化控制器 (PAC) 使用。這使變頻器可以充分利用該控制器的功能,并使用 Studio 5000 Logix Designer™ 來幫助簡化機器開發和使用。這種簡化方法使用 PowerFlex 527 交流變頻器和 Kinetix® 伺服驅動器共享的運動控制指令,為配置、編程和控制這兩種類型的驅動器提供相同的用戶體驗。


    Power ratings of 0.4…22 kW / 0.5…30 Hp in global voltages from 100...600V

    Offers built-in dual-port EtherNet/IP™ to support a variety of topologies as well as Device Level Ring functionality

    Features Safe Torque-off as a standard feature that can be applied through either hardwired safety or Integrated Safety. Both are certified to SIL 3 / PLe Cat 3

    Offers low-cost solution for machine parts, applications such as pumps, fans, in-feed and out-feed conveyors, that need simple speed control for induction motors

    Provides the ability to transfer drive configuration files to a new machine

    Reduces downtime and minimizes manual reconfiguration by using Logix PACs to detect a replaced drive and download all configuration settings over EtherNet/IP

    Offers a new level of AC drive integration to help deliver a coordinated and synchronized machine